Shawn & Blaire have questions. Literally, they have questions all the time. Mostly about running! For Your Run is an opportunity for them to ask those questions and peel back a few more layers when it comes to runners and their lives. In each episode Shawn & Blaire chat with other runners about the challenges they face both physically and mentally, along with many of the causes impacting and motivating the running community.

Additionally, they put together additional series known as For Your Run Pod+Class and For Your Run: The Reset. Pod+Class is a series of timed classes that runners can choose to take with Blaire & Shawn guiding them through the program for each episode! For Your Run: The Reset is all about having deeper discussions around mental health and the role it has in running and features Sabrina, who develops the topics and brings her psychology background to each episode!

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Stridepod 9: The Benefits of a Running Coach

Bri and Shawn are back with information on what you should look for in a run coach. A running coach can be so much more than just the person who makes your calendar. A...

Stridepod 8: Do Running Shoes Prevent Injuries?

Running shoes are constantly pushing the limits of technology but can they save you from injuries? Let's break down if those shoes really are as we want them to be.

Stridepod 7: Keeping Easy Miles Easy

Easy miles. Are you running them right? Chance are, you're not. Tackling those easy miles the wrong way is what often leads to those nagging recurring injuries and is ...

Stridepod 6: Returning From an Injury

Bri and Shawn sit down to discuss an issue that causes problems for many runners. How they come back from an injury. That excitement to get back to where you were can ...

46: Alex Weissner

Do you like running? How about brunch? Well lucky for you Alex joins Blaire and Shawn today to chat about her running journey, which includes how she came to co-found ...

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